How much does it cost to replace damaged kerbs?

25 Jan 2022

This is a question we regularly ask developers, and are often surprised at the uncertainty of the answer.

Some think purely in terms of the cost of the new kerb itself. Others have a full grasp of the many other hidden costs that are involved in replacing damaged kerbs. This obviously includes the extra labour to remove and replace the kerbs, but (depending on your Highways Inspector!) may also involve breaking out and replacing the concrete bed, then re-tarmacing. On top of which there is the cost of machinery and fuel, plus haulage and tipping off site.

Developers who take all this into consideration have been quoting us figures of anything from £24 to £60 per kerb replacement.

Please help us with this research. We are collecting figures from across the industry which will be condensed into a single report. All figures will be listed anonymously, but will enable the whole industry to double check their costings on this.

Please use the message box in the contact form below to tell us the figure that you use for replacement cost per kerb, and we will be pleased to email you a copy of the full report once it is compiled.