The Problem

Kerb damage is a serious problem on the majority of housebuilding sites. Many projects allow for the cost of replacing anything from 80% to 100% of the kerbs on site before completion of a housing estate. The need to obtain the best ROI in the shortest time tends to encourage the early establishment of street-scene, which makes kerbs more vulnerable to damage from ongoing site traffic. However, the process of removing, replacing, and disposing of damaged kerbs before highway adoption is both expensive and frustrating!

Kerb Guards

The Solution- Environmentally Friendly Kerb Protectors

KG400 for protecting corners and

KG900 for straight runs

Available in bespoke logos and

The solution is the brand new KerbGuards system. These re-usable kerb protectors, made from heavy-duty recycled PVC, absorb impacts
and shield your kerbs from damage by telehandlers, diggers, dumpers and delivery lorries.
They can be fixed in position by anchor bolts, or simply haunched in with temporary tarmac.
KerbGuards offer a huge saving of time, labour, aggravation and money. It is time to get smart and start using KerbGuards.

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Product Benefits

Save cost of replacement kerbs.

Save time removing and replacing damaged kerbs.

Save on haulage and tipping costs — reduce carbon footprint.

Save hassle of doing a job that everyone hates.

Speed up compliance with Section 38 Highways Act for Road Adoption.

Avoid delays and completion penalties.

Maintain a safe smart site for house owners and prospective buyers.

Do it right—do it once! Replaced kerbs are never as neat as

Reuse your KerbGuards from site to site and save money every time!


Patent Pending

Installation Method

Where the pavement is not topcoated, KerbGuards hook on to the kerb and can be haunched in place with temporary tarmac.

Where the pavement has been topcoated, spacers should be inserted before haunching with temporary tarmac.

If preferred, KerbGuards may be secured with fitting kits and anchor bolts

CONDEMNED! Since topcoating the pavement, the kerb has been damaged and must now be replaced before the road can be topcoated and adopted.

Bolt-down fitting kits may be used instead of temporary tarmac. Spacers are used when the topcoat has been applied to the pavement.

Technical Specifications

  • 400mm
  • 160mm
  • 200mm
  • 3.7 kg
  • Black/Yellow or Bespoke
  • Recycled PVC
  • Width
  • Height
  • Depth
  • Weight
  • Colour Options
  • Material
  • 900mm
  • 160mm
  • 200mm
  • 8.8kg
  • Black/Yellow or Bespoke
  • Recycled PVC

About Us

Kerb Guards Ltd is an independent sister company to Ground-Guards Ltd, the pioneers of plastic ground protection trackways in the UK. As such, both companies share a wealth of experience in the development of innovative solutions for the construction industry.

We are passionate about manufacturing products from recycled plastics, which would otherwise potentially end up as landfill. When you use KerbGuards and Ground-Guards products, you not only protect your site, you also safeguard the broader environment for the future.

To visit the Ground-Guards website CLICK HERE.


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20 Apr 2021

KerbGuards are currently being exhibited at the PlantWorx Show in Peterborough, where they have won the CEA Silver Award for Innovation in the Non-Operated Plant and Support Products Category.

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Does it matter that the housebuilding industry knowingly installs, damages, and replaces hundreds of thousands of concrete kerbs each year?

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